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Men Grooming

Find your signature Style with Carrington

When it comes to services, Carrington is committed to offering the “best of the best.” We know your ongoing appearance is a direct reflection of our services, the usage information we provide and maybe a bit of genetics as well (that part is out of our hands). These folks know what they’re doing.

These professionals make men look more handsome every day and have expertise that ranges from hair to skin to nails to relaxation to men’s fashion. We’re all grooming geeks, reviewing this stuff is a pleasure for us.


Men Grooming
Men Grooming
Services Prices
Hair Wash ₹100
Haircut ₹200
Advanced Haircut ₹250
Haircut With Wash ₹300
Hair wash and Styling ₹200
Hair Oil Massage ₹200
Hair wash and Styling ₹200
Hair Oil Massage With Steam ₹250
Shaving ₹150
Beard Trim ₹200
Face Massage after shave ₹200
Face and Neck D-tan ( for Tanned Skin) ₹250
Under arms Waxing ₹200
Chest Waxing ₹500
Hair Colour ₹400
Hair Spa ₹400
Highlights ₹500
Beard Colour ₹250
Beard Spa ₹300 Onwards
Feet D Tan ₹250
Hand D Tan ₹250
Black Mask ₹750
Permanent Hair Straightening ₹2500

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